System administrator data recovery Moscow optical fiber electric works

System administrator, installation works, optical fiber, server, Linux, FreeBSD, router, Moscow, latop repair service, network office, data recovery, electric


System administrator

Hypervisors, Linux, *BSD, Windows systems. Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, other.

Service center in Moscow

Repair computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Data recovery.

Hardware, software development

Websites, Web-apps, Android, iPhone apps. Microcontrollers, electronic circuits.

VSAT, long range wireless

For places where the Internet has never been.

Works with optical fiber

Construction, non-certified measurements, estimated works.

Base station KITs

Quick installation kits, individual components, Wi-Fi devices.

Telecommunication networks

City infrastructure, program «Safe city», same.

VDS, VPS, Storages

Placement of servers, resources in different countries. 24/7 technical support.

Network solutions

Global, corporate, local network solutions to yours requirement.

Big, medium, small office datacenters

We solve problems, select the best solutions for your needs.

Structured cable systems, electric

Offices, warehouses, shopping centers, open spaces.

CCTV, Access Control Systems

Installation of security systems, connecting to private security service.


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Cost of the Contractor's services 2023-2024

Performing work remotely, by means of "Remote Access" --PRICE ON REQUEST-- eur, equivalent in russian roubles per one hour. The minimum price upon request, including for an incomplete hour.

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